Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Busy Twinkies!

Its been over a month since I last blogged. It's really no excuse, but with 2 crawling babies I never seem to have time to sit down and relax! In the last month, we have had our 9 month checkup, gotten teeth, learned to crawl and pull up, and the girls are just into EVERYTHING!!

I will start first with their 9 month checkup(although they are 10 months now). The appointment was on April 5th.
Addison: 26 3/4 long and weighed 16 LB, 14 OZ. She is maintaining in the 20-25%

Ashlyn: 25 3/4 long and weighed 14 LB, 4 OZ. She is maintaining in the less than 3% YES, that's LESS than 3%. She is just going to be a tiny little runt!

Both girls now have their bottom 2 teeth. Addison got hers several weeks before Ashlyn did. Now I think Addison is working on her top 2 teeth, so hopefully soon she will have more. They are eating everything in sight. I have never heard babies make so much noise while begging for food...MY FOOD and anyone else's food who is within feeding range!! They scream, squawk, grunt, and bounce in their highchairs until you feed them. They eat everything from cucumbers to steak and shrimp to double decker tacos and bea burritos!! THEY LOVE FOOD!!!

They are now both crawling. Ashlyn started first, as well as pulling up first. Addison is now doing both too. They follow each other around the house, getting into trouble. Their favorite things to do are swing on the drapes in the living room, pull moss out of our potted tree, get into Claire's dog dishes, get into the pantry and play with cat food cans and 2 liter coke bottles, and eat remote controls and phones!! I'm not kidding when I tell you it is CRAAAAAZY around here!! But this has been my favorite stage so far!

They both can say certain words, but they don't say them in the right context. I think they just say them to SAY them! Ashlyn has the biggest vocab...she says: dada, baba, mama, nana. Addison only says baba. But Addison talks with such enthusiasm. She will talk like she is speaking a sentence, with different tones for each baba she says! Its cute! As far as their development, I think they are probably behind on verbal skills. But for preemies, that is supposed to happen and they tell me not to worry just yet.

Here are a TON of pictures of the highlights of the last several weeks. Some of these will show just how rambunctious these two little girls are!
playing with the drapes. Addi looks so sneaky and sweet, but don't let her fool you!

Ashlyn leaving the scene of the "drive by mossing". She heard me yell and she got out of there so I couldn't prove she did it!!

splashing in the pool

sunglasses...a HUGE waste of money!

Addison singing in the microphone

Playing on the air hockey table is fun....
trying to catch the pucks is even MORE fun!

The new sound around our house is "DOOOOOOOIIIIIINNNNNGGGG"! The sound of the springy doorstop thing. This was their first time discovering this annoying toy!

Hanging out with Daddy upstairs in the gameroom. Spinning in the swivel chair is lots of fun!

Playing cops and robbers....Addi was the robber and Ashlyn threw her in jail!!

Addison's cheese face!! This is what I come in and see after every nap or good night's sleep! It makes my day!!

Ashlyn is learning to climb things. I think she will be a big climber...I caught her climbing the baby gate the other day. She was up about 4 or 5 inches off the ground....like a little monkey! In this picture she is standing on her crib bumper, trying to get a little higher!!

Ashlyn splashing on the dishwasher

Helping Daddy with dishes

Addison found the dog's water bowl...if you look at the placemat you can see how much water she had spilled. What you can't see is how SHE was soaked as well!!

Ashlyn's cheese face....anything will make this girl smile!!


Another funny face from Addi.