Sunday, June 20, 2010

The craziness continues

I have completely forgotten about blogging in the past few weeks. It has been a crazy start to the summer to say the least! Ashlyn is now walking, Addison is not too far behind. We are teething(which has NOT been fun). They each have 4 teeth now. We are lowering our matresses to the lowest setting and getting rid of our mobiles. Attempting to babyproof all the cabinets(is well worth the money spent to have a professional come do it). I can't count how many fingers have been slammed in doors or drawers! The girls are growing up FAST!! I am realizing now that I'm about to have 2 toddlers on my hands! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am currently planning the girls birthday party, which is July 3rd. Things are just busy! This will be a short post...because I've only got a limited period of time before all hell breaks loose in the other room!!! We have gone swimming several times....each time its getting better. Addison was kind of afraid the first time and just wanted to be held. We have learned that she does better in shallow water than floating in a raft in deep water(how she knows the difference I'm not sure). We have had a couple of playdates with new friends. We bought a "starter" swingset and put it together. Gosh, we've just been on the go for weeks! Here are some pictures of some fun things we have done. These are in NO order....
Ashlyn sitting in the grass for the first time ever. We didn't get a picture of Addison because she freaked out anytime she touched the ground!!

Ashlyn walking in the shallow pool. She was so proud of herself!

Addison liked licking the water off her own face!

Addison's first time in the pool(Memorial Day). I had to hold her the entire time.

Playing in the splash pool....WATCH OUT ADDI!

Playing in the fridge...their new favorite thing to do!

We went to a car show and found this GIANT dog. This picture doesn't do it was HUGE!!!

Addison has wrinkly feet after swimming!

Addi enjoyed looking at the water drops on her float more than anything else!

Crazy Ashlyn just wanted to get out and swim and splash!!!