Sunday, October 25, 2009

Night out at Lone Star Park

Ryan had a business event at Lone Star Park on Friday night so we left the girls with my parents. We usually eat at Silk's, which is up on the 3rd floor of the track and it overlooks knowing that I was going to get a good meal I was looking very forward to the evening! We got there and ate and started watching the races and I decided that I wanted to pull a "fast one" on Ryan. I told him that I wanted to start doing my own betting on the horses that I chose and he started giving me money for all the races. I don't know how he didn't notice and catch on that every time I would go bet, I would leave the table and never come back with my ticket in hand. Actually what I was doing was sticking the money in my pocket! He did ask me a couple of times what horses I bet and where my ticket was but I just told him that I lost and the waitress must have taken my ticket away with my dirty plate...and he believed me! It was a fun night and I ended up with about $60 in my the end I was the only winner of the night!!


I'm now realizing that no matter where we go I have to allow an extra hour for people stopping us and asking questions and stare at the babies. I understand its because I have twins and it catches people's eyes. But I have become the center of attention everywhere I go! Sometimes I have the time and the girls are in a good mood, so I don't mind it. Other times the babies are screaming and I have to be rude to people and run home! I just don't understand why people feel the need to come up and ask personal questions and bend down and breathe their germs all over the girls. I just want to say "STAY AWAY AND DON'T TOUCH MY BABIES"! People will even let their snotty nosed kids come over and get in their faces and cough and sneeze all around them. DO PEOPLE NOT HAVE ANY MANNERS ANYMORE?!? With me being a germ-o-phobe its difficult to take them out right now anyway...but with people doing this stuff day in and day out it really gets on my nerves!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins!

I changed my mind about taking the girls to a pumpkin patch for their first Halloween. My first thought was that it would be silly, seeing that they can't sit up or even hold their heads very well. But I changed my mind after my mom bought some cute Halloween outfits that we HAD to show off! We took them to a patch that is right down the street from our house. Ryan had to work and I didn't want to brave this alone so I invited my parents and in-laws to come with me for support(and extra hands)!!

They had several cute places to put children--not babies--but we came with boppy's in hand and a blanket to make the pictures a little prettier! I have now come to realize that when shooting 2 infants, it is nearly impossible to get the perfect picture. One will be posing perfectly and the other will have her tongue hanging out of her mouth! In our case, Ashlyn discovered her foot and the orange sock that was on it and decided to do nothing but stare at it! After we got a few pictures in the pumpkins we headed over to Green's Produce to take some pictures in the fall flowers. They actually had a better set up than the pumpkin patch and we ended up taking even more pictures over there. By the end of it all, the girls got VERY cranky and then fell asleep! The funniest part of the entire day was seeing my mom and in-laws making complete fools of themselves trying to get the girls attention to look at the camera. IF I HAD ONLY GOTTEN IT ON VIDEO!!

cuddling in the Jack-O-Lanterns

Right before Ashlyn discovered her foot...

Photo shoots can make a girl sleepy!

the end of the day and they've had enough!

Ashlyn just HAD to get out of her clothes and back into her PJ's!

I can't wait until we get to do this again next year...except with our fairy costumes! I bought them to wear this year but they are HUGE so we are going to save them for next Halloween! It will be a lot more fun because the girls will be able to toddle around in the pumpkins and we get to pick one out to carve!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My crazy dog

I blogged a long time ago that I wasn't sure how our sweet but very spoiled dog, Claire would handle the babies. Well, she is doing fine but she has started doing the weirdest things. About 3 days after we brought them home I noticed her nursing a blanket that we keep on the couch. She had shoved it up underneath her and she had made a nipple out of it and was sucking on it and pumping her paws like she was trying to stimulate milk flow! It was the craziest thing! She still does that from time to time but now she has started stealing baby things. I have caught her stealing a pacifier out of Ashlyn's mouth several times. She ever so gently grabs it with her front teeth and sloooowly pulls it out of her mouth! She also will steal bottles if we leave them sitting on a table. I don't understand her one bit! She has always been mischievous, but now she is just down right BAD!! We need to call the dog whisperer! I try to punish her and tell her NO and that she is a bad dog, but how can you not laugh when you look up and see this....Its FUNNY, I don't care who you can't NOT laugh if you see this! She knows it too and I think thats why she keeps doing it!

I have a twin?!?

The girls have discovered each other. A week ago I was feeding Ashlyn and Addison was down to my side on her boppy pillow and I caught her gazing at her sister. I held Ashlyn down over Addison so she could get a good view of her sister. They began to smile at each other and coo a little bit! It was SO cute to see them recognize that there is another baby in this house! Ever since that day I give them several chances to examine the other one and touch each others hands and feet. It is the sweetest thing to see.

YAY for new friends!

This week we introduced the twins to 2 new friends, Maddie and Brayden. Maddie is 3 months old. She is the daughter of a friend that I have known all my life, Whitney. When we were young, Whitney and her sister and parents moved to Lufkin and we lost touch over the years. Well, they recently moved back to Ovilla and we frequently meet up and have get togethers with our families. It is so nice to have such good friends and have the babies grow up together and become friends. We met for lunch at the shopping center in Cedar Hill and had mexican food at Matt's. It was really the first time that the girls had interraction with another baby of their age. My girls were awake the entire time and Maddie decided to sleep right until we were about to leave! We did happen to get 1 picture of the 3 of them...

We also got to meet Brayden for the first time. He belongs to my friend Amanda, who I have known since elementary school. I ran into her at the doctors office and our due dates were 5 days apart! We had our first sonogram on the same day. Ever since then we have been meeting up for dinner with our husbands and we have become good friends. We went to Outback Steakhouse in Grapevine...which was chaotic! Then we went back to their new house in Trophy Club so the boys could have a drink. Brayden is so cute and he had his "lock up your daughters" onesie on, so we felt obligated to put a girl on each side and make him look studly! There wasn't much cooperation and all the babies liked the mobile better than looking at the camera!

Last but not least we got to see Adam and Amy this weekend. Amy is almost 12 weeks pregnant with either Connor or Taylor(we won't know until late November)! It was the first time that Amy has held both babies. It started out great until Addison got hungry....and as you can see emotions ran high!!

Daddy, the funniest man alive

I sometimes think the girls get tired of seeing me. I try constantly to make them smile and they are so close to laughing that I make a fool of myself pretty much all day everyday! No longer are my jokes, noises and faces funny....they are bored with me. When daddy comes home its a completely different story. They smile with just a glance at his face and it makes me jealous! This is what I caught the other day when he came home from work...
This is Ryan when he came home and greeted Addison...she was so happy to see him!

Addison with her big goofy smile!

My sweet Ashlyn so happy to see her daddy!

Sweet smiles from my little runt!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A friend of mine makes hairbows. We recently sold her some furniture from one of our old guestrooms(that is now the playroom) so she made us a hairbow in pretty much every color of the rainbow. She even custom dyed the headbands to match the bow...which is exactly what I had been wanting. I don't think we will need any other bows until the girls grow hair, which looks like it might be a while!! Ryan has no clue how many we actually have, so he is going to get a big surprise when he gets home! I took some pictures the babies when I got home in their new headpieces!! While I was shooting, Ashlyn decided to crack one of her very rare smiles and I caught it on camera!! I don't know why but she photographs SO'll see!!!I still can't believe sometimes that I have TWO babies!! My sweet little bow headed angels!! They are 3 months old now!

my smiling marshmallow!

Horseshoe Bay Getaway!

Ryan and I took our first vacation since the babies were born. We went to Horseshoe Bay for a few days and left the babies with my parents. It was SO hard to leave them for that long but we survived by watching the videos that my mom texted me. One night I even started crying in the middle of dinner, just by looking at a picture of Addison wrapped in her towel after her bath! Now that it is done, it will be easier to do it again(even though I don't want to). I've learned that we all just need a break sometimes just to get away and clear our minds(and sleep in)!!

One thing I don't like about traveling alone is that you don't have anyone to take pictures of you...therefore I only have a couple of pictures of Ryan playing golf!! He played the back 9 holes of the Apple Rock course. The views from that course are unbelieveable! Unfortunately it poured rain pretty much the entire time, but luckily I had my umbrella. I was his "cart girl", so I drove and never had to get out into the drizzle! Ryan was absolutely soaked when we were finished, but never the less we had a good time.Ryan playing his first hole.

The view of the lake from the golf course.

We also went jet skiing for a couple of hours on Friday before the rain started. It was freezing...maybe that was why we were the only people on the entire lake! We are both so competitive that our main goal is to try to throw each other off as violently as possible. I threw Ryan off first, 2 times. Once he screamed like a little girl and we both sat in the water and laughed so hard we couldn't breathe or swim back to the jet ski. After that, he threw me off 2 times, but not as good as I threw him!! We just enjoyed spending time together. We talked to a realtor about buying a lot on the lake(not knowing that empty waterfront lots start at $500,000). We want to buy a lot and eventually build a house on it...but YIKES...not for that kind of money! So we hope to buy a condo on the resort within the next year instead! That way we can take the girls and families with us and not have to worry about bothering any hotel guests.

All in all it was a great trip. I wish it hadn't rained but at least we got away. I felt like we were first dating again. It seems like the only things we talk about these days are who needs to be changed, fed or put to sleep! It was nice to actually have a normal conversation with my husband again!