Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ashlyn smiled!!

1 1/2 weeks after Addison smiled, Ashlyn has now done it too! It was Wednesday September 23rd. I was sitting with her and squeezing her cheeks and out it came! She makes a lot of goofy faces all the time, so I wasn't sure if it was a face or an actual smile. She did it about 5 more times, so I know its real! I happened to catch a quick picture on my phone because she hasn't done it for anyone else yet so no one believes that she has really done it. I guess its just a special thing between her and her I'd like to think!! I keep trying to get a real picture of it on the camera but its really hard and she doesn't cooperate. Its strange to me that their personalities are different. Addison studies your face for a minute and then smiles at you if you make funny faces and sounds. Ashlyn only smiles if you do something to her, like pinch her cheeks or wiggle her arms. The more they grow the more I realize how different they really are...THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE!! Now that I have 2 smiling babies, it makes me look forward to the day they both laugh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who needs to poop? Not the Wallace girls...

I am gradually trying to stop pumping. My goal is to be finished by Halloween. Our freezer is stocked(overflowing) with frozen milk and I am getting everything in order. In doing so, I am slowly adding more formula into their bottles. At every feeding they are eating about 2 to 3 ounces, so I add 1 1/2 ounces of formula and 1 1/2 ounces of milk. I intend on increasing it more every week. So, it seems like the formula is making the girls constipated...Addison especially. They have only pooped once since Thursday...this is now Tuesday! Addison seems to be in some discomfort, seeing that she screamed for 6 hours last night. I have tried apple-prune juice, mylicon, Gripe water...everything. Nothing is working. Ashlyn isn't doing as bad. She pooped a little in the night, but poor Addison. I don't know what to do!?!

Snot and Boogers

From the second I got pregnant, I prayed that the girls did not get Ryan's allergies and sinus problems. Unfortunately, I think Ashlyn might have some issues. It only seems to happen in the middle of the night, but it has happened consistantly for the last 4 nights in a row. I will get up to feed them and Ash is struggling to get air. I always investigate to make sure she isn't choking, but it is her nose. It is completely impacted and she can't breathe through it. I think it scares her sometimes because she cries like she is panicing. The first time it happened I wasn't sure what to do, so I grabbed the "ball-sucker" that we got at the hospital and jabbed it into her nose and frantically started sucking. It made her really upset and she cried even louder, but it seemed to help. So now when it happens I do the same thing, just a little more gentle and calm! Maybe a humidifier would help? I will have to do some experimenting.

Our 2 month check up

We went to see Dr. Davidson on Thursday, Sept. 10th. It was our 2 month check up and our first vaccines. Now that we begin looking at the percentile and growth curve, it makes me realize just how tiny my girls are.

Addison: Is now 9 pounds 5 ounces. She is 21 inches long. She is in the 10th percentile and is on the very bottom line of the growth curve.

Ashlyn: Is now 8 pounds 2.5 ounces. She is 20 1/2 inches long. She is in the less than 3 percentile and is still just below the growth curve.

Dr. Davidson says not to worry and that they will be a lot better by their next visit, which is in November. He says that you can't judge anything by their size and weight at this point.

Our first shots hurt me more than they hurt the girls! Addison cried--screamed--but she was calmed down very easily. Ashlyn squealed this really high pitched noise and it made us all laugh. She did cry too and was calmed down very easily. It made them run a fever for several hours and we gave them Tylenol for the first 12 hours after their shots. All in all they did really good and I was happy!


She is beginning to become more alert. She has these goofy faces she makes and her eyes are so beautiful that you can't help but chuckle when you see her. We have been taking lots of pictures of her because it is just so rare to see her awake for long periods. These are some of the ones we have captured.This was her first time sitting in her Bumbo chair. She really can't sit in it yet, but she is so tiny that the back of the chair supports her it kind of works! She was not having fun and she was pleading for help!

Aki is a HUGE Lab. He belongs to my friend Katie and her husband Erik. He is an explosives dectection dog and has been to Iraq. He is just the sweetest, best tempered, gentle giant! We decided to ride him like a horse!
The happiness subsided when Sis joined in on the dog-horse.

The first Cowboy's game...we propped Ash up with pillows so she could watch the game with daddy. She actually enjoyed it...I think she can see all the men running around and it gets her attention. But don't tell daddy that...he thinks she really enjoys the game!

Addison, the baby who could smile!!

She is 9 1/2 weeks old: Saturday, September 12th....I was leaving for the Just Between Friends sale in Fort Worth, so my mom came over to watch the girls. It was about 9am and my mom went over to Addison and made a face. LOW AND BEHOLD--a smile!! This big, gummy, grin that lit up my entire world! I knew that it would be coming soon, but it completely took me off guard. I couldn't tear myself away from looking at her and I ended up being a little late to the sale. I told myself not to get my hopes up and think that she would smile everyday. I knew it might not happen for another week(maybe more). But she has smiled at me everyday since then and several times at that!! I still can't seem to catch it on camera though. This is as close as I've gotten. Ashlyn still has not shown us her smile. In fact, I'm not too sure she is even close to smiling. It's weird, even though she is the smaller baby she is physically the stronger baby. She can push herself up on the floor and almost hold her head up by herself. But she is developmentally about 2 weeks behind Addison. I can't wait for the day that they will laugh. I think Addison is close to cooing as well. I can't wait! Until then, I will stand by with my camera at hand!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

update from my last blog...

These are the pictures I meant to add in with my last post.

Ryan came home from work early and we went out for hamburgers. Its really nothing special, but it is very rare for us to spend time together during the week so it meant a lot! I look beat!

Ashlyn going to town on Addison's nose. Forget nipples...she likes noses!!

Daddy and Ashlyn posing together.

My cousin Rebecca and Ashlyn.

My first day at work....well kind of?!?

All of my girls at the tanning salon are out of town this weekend for Labor Day, so I had to work for the first time since June. Given, its only 3 1/2 hours, but I tell you it has been going by SO SO SLOW!!! As bored as I am though, it feels good to be back up here and overseeing the salon again. It makes me realize that I still need to be up here from time to time...considering it is my business! I can't just let it go like I have been doing the last several weeks! I don't have my camera with me up here, so I can't post pictures. I will soon though, I promise!

The last couple of weeks have been great. My cousin came back into town from Albuquerque and I wish she would just move here. I love spending time with her and I know the girls will think she is so much fun when they get older. Rebecca and I went to get a massage one day, which was great because it was the first "me" time I have had since the girls have been born. I think I might try to keep doing that every other week in order to keep my sanity! I got the CUTEST picture of her and Ashlyn. It is so rare that Ash is awake and alert, so we had a very quick photoshoot when it happened.

We had Ryan's 10 year high school reunion last Saturday. It was fun, but I got sick and started running a fever while we were there so we ended up leaving early. I felt terrible that I made him leave his party early but I had toughed it out for over an hour(shivering in the corner). When I got home I took my temperature and it was 102.9. NO WONDER I FELT SO BAD!! The next day I went to the doctor and they said I have Mastitis. All the symptoms feel like the flu(fever, chills, achy skin). He put me on antibiotics and said I will feel better within a couple of days. Here we are a week later and I feel better, but I still have a HUGE lump in my right breast that isn't going away. It is the size of a small orange. I read that sometimes you have to have them drained and now I am afraid that I will. The doctor said my case was pretty severe, but that he had seen worse...I can't imagine how terrible a woman that has it worse than me must be feeling!

Tonight, Ryan and I are attempting to go out for our 2nd-first date night. I say 2nd because we attempted this already once before and it was a disaster. But tonight we have arranged for Ryan's parents to watch the babies overnight so we can have an entire night! We really don't have any big plans...honestly I feel like just staying home and lounging in my pj's all night and catching up on relaxation!! IS THAT BAD?!?

The girls have done some cute things lately...the #1 cute thing is that they slept 5 hours through the night--TWICE!! I will come back to that in a minute!
One day I laid them together on their loungers and Addison was fussing. Ashlyn reached out and stuck her thumb in Addison's mouth to calm her down! I am totally aware that it wasn't on purpose, but I can't help but think it is the "twin bond" that people have told me so much about. It all happened so fast that I didn't have time to catch a picture. But a few days later I laid them on the lounger again. I had them face to face and Ashlyn was a little fussy. Somehow she found Addison's nose and latched on like it was a nipple and just started going to town. She sucked her nose for a REALLY long time! I did get pictures and I will have to post them when I get home later tonight. Ok, so back to the 5 hours of sleep...I don't know what caused it. We did our regular swaddle, feed in the dark, rock routine that we always do for our bedtime feeding. Typically Addison's colic will keep her up screaming until about 2am but for some reason she only fussed a little bit and then went down. I usually don't have to set the alarm to get up to feed them because they wake up right on time and let me know. So, when I heard them cry I assumed it was 1:30am....but it was 2:30am!!!! I thought it could have been a fluke because it didn't happen again for about a week....but they did it again last night! Maybe this is the beginning of easier times?!? I can only hope!

I have decided to throw my organization and schedule out the window. I feed them when they tell me they are hungry. I don't let them go longer than 4 hours during the day but at night I just let them sleep until they wake up. Its working great so far and it is somewhat less stressful on me as well. We go back to the doctor on the 10th. I plan on talking to him about slowly adding formula into their bottles so I can stop pumping. I hope that by Halloween I can be done. They are eating about 2 1/2 to 3 ounces at every feeding. I have started adding 1 ounce of formula into each bottle and doing the rest breastmilk. Last time I tried this, Addison didn't poop for 3 days(hence why I need to talk to the dr). So far so good for her this time, so I hope it continues to go smooth.

AND FINALLY...ADAM AND AMY ARE PREGNANT!!!! I am so excited about this. I hope they have a little girl so that the girls can have a best friend. Our children will only be 10 months apart. I believe she is due May it will be exciting to see her belly grow and change. In the meantime, we will have to give her lots of practice with our babies! They are hoping for twins....LOL! I told them to be careful what you wish for!!!!!