Friday, May 22, 2009

teaching an old dog new tricks--well, TRYING to!!

We bought a baby doll to try to teach our dog, Claire about babies. We use the word "babies" a lot. I think she is learning what it means. She will eat a diaper out of our diaper stacker and I will say "that is for the baby".....she spits it out only to go back later and shred it when Im not looking!! It is a slow process, but I think she is coming around to it. I hold the baby and tell her to "LOOOOVE the baby". She does get a little more gentle, but she always throws it around when I turn my back and stop talking baby talk. We put a baby gate up in the doorway of the nursery so she can't get in there. I always ask her if she wants to go into the babies room. She knows what that means and she always comes with me and sleeps under the cribs. She is very posessive of it though.....I think she thinks it is HER nursery!?! We have a long way to go with her, but I think we can do it. She is just so spoiled and she has been our baby for the past 2 years. I just feel bad that she has NO clue what is in store for her. Her life is going to change forever and she won't understand. Most dogs only have to adjust to 1 baby....and she has 2 to adjust to!! Im afraid she will think we love her less. :(

This is what I came home to this afternoon!! I hope she doesn't eat our children!!!

Claire "loooving the baby"!

When we first found out that we were pregnant with twins, my dad told me that the reason God gave us 2 children was because Claire would kill and eat one....this way we will have a child leftover!!! LOL--actually thats not so funny (well maybe a little bit)!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Paige VS. Pavement

I took a little tumble yesterday(Mother's Day of all days). I was leaving the salon and I had a load of folding chairs in the back of my car. When I turned on the car my dash message said "rear access open". My first thought was that I should not be moving chairs by myself, but what was I to do....I was alone?!? So I climbed into the back seat and rearranged the chairs so that they wouldn't fall out of the back gate. I thought I had them positioned quite well, so I got out and went to open the back gate. LOW AND BEHOLD it was like a tidal wave of metal chairs that came spilling out. I tried to catch them but I didn't stand a chance. They completely knocked me from a standing position to flat on my back. The chairs were piled on top of me. I wasn't hurt..other than my butt cheek that all 150 pounds of me landed on. But it scared me. I think my adrenaline started pumping so I got up and threw all the chairs into the car...while cussing! When I got back up front the dash still said "rear access open" but I figured I was going to go home anyway. As I turned onto Green Oaks, I could hear cars passing me and I thought I might dump all these chairs on the freeway if I were to drive any further. So I decided to stop at my mom's wedding chapel because I knew there was help up there. I pulled in and saw one of the photographers, who is a close friend of ours and asked him to help. Come to find out, it wasn't the stupid "rear access" it was the "rear window"! So basically all I had to to was shut the window instead of open the gate! My mom heard all the noise, so she came out and of course I immediately lost it and started crying hysterically. I was scared, my butt hurt, and I was mad at Ryan for not taking the chairs out the night before. Anyhow...I did have a lot more contractions last night than usual. But everything seems to be ok! In the end, in the battle versus me and the pavement...the pavement won!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

orange leopard

As you know, I own a tanning salon. About a year ago we got sunless airbrush tanning--which is SO much better than mystic tan. I am the airbrush technician, so when I want to get sprayed there really isn't anybody who is trained to do it. Anyway, on Monday night I asked my mom to come spray me and she agreed. OMG...I have never been so orange in my life. Not because of the color though....its because she has no clue what she was doing and she just drenched me in solution!!! I have scrubbed my feet until I have only 1 layer of skin left. My armpit is literally copper and I have a white stripe by my elbow!! My baby shower is on Saturday and I look like an animal who should be on the endagered species list!!! At least I have a story behind the pumpkin coloring!

On another note....I went back to the doctor today(YES AGAIN!) Still good news, except I am pretty much going to be living there for the remainder of my pregnancy! He told me that I need to continue coming for a check up every week. I am going to be getting the Fetal Fibronectin tests every other week. I have a sonogram every 3 weeks just to make sure the babies are growing and have plenty of fluid. And last but not least, they gave me a medicine called Procardia to help stop my contractions. He said I will be on these pills until I am about 36 weeks(if I last that long). This just makes me realize how lucky all you girls are that have only 1 must be a breeze!!! I booked my 3D/4D sonogram for Monday the 11th and I am SOO SOO SOO excited. I can't wait to see what they look like and if they look like me or Ryan!!