Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The return of Bucky

When my brother was little, he had this horse that he called Bucky. He rode that thing day and night...he loved it!! My mom and I were at the Fort Worth Just Between Friends sale yesterday and we saw these 2 girl Bucky's!! I know its a little too soon for them to ride safely, but we got them anyway!! I put them on the horses for a short minute today to take some pictures. The pictures turned out ok, but it was chaotic for a short minute during our photo shoot! First, Addison(with her big, bald melon head) fell off Bucky and onto the carpet. I know it didn't hurt her, but I'm sure it startled her. She began crying very dramatically as she always does and I made her feel better. But I didn't get the picture I was hoping for, so I had to dust her off and put her back on the horse!!! Well, that time I evidently had Bucky a little too close to the wall because when she fell off THAT time she bumped her head. It made a hollow "thud" and once again she started crying. I figured that one hurt a little more, but it wasn't serious in the least bit! I distracted her attention and she forgot all about it! But, that time I got the shot!!! All of Addi's falls today made me know for certain that it IS too early to put a baby on a horse!!! We will store the Bucky's safely in a closet until a later date!
It was fun at first

Hold on Addison!! This is after the first fall, right before the second fall!! For some reason she didn't want to touch the handle--and thats why she fell off!

Little Ash can ride like a pro!!

Las Vegas trip

We just returned home from our trip to Las Vegas. It was SO nice to get away and go to bed early(yes I was in bed by 11pm every night--in Vegas)!! I figured it was my time to catch up on sleep! We shopped at 2 different malls, ate at Pinks Hot Dogs, had frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, and ate at Mesa Grill(Bobby Flay's restaurant. We did a lot of eating....A LOT!! I guess my favorite part of the trip was shopping at H & M and going to this specialty swim shop that personally selects swim suits based on your body type. I have known that since having twins that my bikini days are pretty much over. I've looked at several tankinis, but the small section on a tankini that shows your skin is my WORST area because I have stretch marks and saggy skin there. So after talking with the ladies and trying on about 20 different suits, I bought 2! I am very excited and I feel good in them, which is a BIGGY!! I ended up getting 2 one pieces--I never thought I would buy a one piece! But these are very stylish ones that are like a "mock" tankini, so it shows no skin!! I love them! We found 2 really cool stores in one of the malls. 1 was an art store called, Oh My Godard...they had some really neat things. The other was in the Caesars's Forum Shops and I don't remember the name of the place but they had some really cool furniture and lighting pieces. We decided that when we build our next house we would go back to Vegas and pick out some things from those stores.

I gambled a little bit...Ryan gambled a lot. He stayed up late every night playing either poker or blackjack. I only lost $100 for the entire trip--but I spent most of my "gambling" money on shopping! Ryan on the other hand lost a whopping $1,500--which is a sore subject with me!! A sore subject NOT because he lost the money, but because while he was out until 4:30am gambling he got approached by 2 prostitutes that wanted to go to the room with him!! He conveniently forgot to tell me until we were home and I couldn't hunt those hookers down!!

We were SO happy to get back home to the girls. When we walked through the door, they were both playing with toys and they just stopped dead in their tracks and starred at us. They didn't show any emotion, they just looked at us with their mouths hanging open. Its like we were never gone--which was nice!

Here are a few pics of the trip...
This is going to be our new company picture. It will go on the website and in the "ring earners" book that they hand out every 2 years. I like this picture much better than our old one--in the old one I looked asain!?!

Ok, this picture has a story with it. The story begins with a margarita at Mesa Grill! This is a chair that was custom made for Ozzy Osbourne. I just thought it was neat and I wanted my picture taken in it. I don't know what I was doing with my hands(due to the potent margarita) but I think I was trying to look prim and proper???

This is what was left of my "Miss America" dog at Pinks. It was a foot long chili dog smothered in nacho cheese!!!

This is my 32oz. frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity. OMG, it was so good and so sickening at the same time!!! And NO, I couldn't finish it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Little Tripods

I have spent most of this evening working with the girls on sitting up without support. They have been very close and tonight they both sat for several seconds without me having to hold them. Ashlyn would crash down and laugh, Addison would crash down and start screaming. I sometimes worry that she is going to be one of those kids that you could look at the wrong way and they start crying....she is very over dramatic! At the same time, she is a goof ball and she likes to show off! She has many tricks and she likes to show my mom what she can do whenever she comes over. For some reason, Addison has taken a liking to my mom over anyone else--including me and Ryan. Although, Ryan is a close second and I guess that makes me 3rd??

My little girl(Ashlyn) is so wild and crazy that we have given her a new name...Thrashin Ashlyn! Sometimes we call her Thrasher for short!! She is just a little ball of fire! She still won't sleep through the night(I think because she wants to know what we are doing--but doesn't realize we are sleeping). I get so angry every time I hear her crying through the monitor at 1, 2, 3 or 4am, however, the next morning I go into her room to get her up and she is in there playing with her stuffed animals and greets me with this big goofy smile and somehow I completely forget how frustrated she made me during the night. My parents call her the crazy Guggenheim, because she is just so silly.

I think the reason I am in such a "lovey" mood is because I realized today that I am about to leave them for 4 is sinking in how much I am going to miss them. We went to Horseshoe Bay when the girls were about 8 or 9 weeks old, but its different now. Back then they just sat around. Yes, I missed them terribly but its just different. Now, they know me and they interact with me and I am going to miss 4 days of their lives and that breaks my heart. WHAT IF THEY SIT UP FOR A LONG TIME BY THEMSELVES FOR THE FIRST TIME?!?

I had to go to get my annual "girly" exam today and just seeing all the pregnant women there made me realize how lucky I am to have 2 babies--although I chuckled several times at the women as they waddled past me and I thought to myself, "GOSH, I'm glad I'm not pregnant anymore!" Although, it also made me realize the I might--MIGHT--want to have more kids. If it was a guarantee that I would have a boy or twin boys I would totally do it again. Ryan says we are finished with kids and I might agree....we have to see. BUT...if we DO have more kids I want it to be sooner rather than later because I want to get it over with. So I'm talking within a year and a half, trying to get pregnant...IF we decide to. And that's a BIG...HUGE...MONSTER if!!

While we are talking about pregnancy and getting fat, I forgot to mention that I am within 3 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight!!! I finally broke down and went to Jenny Craig again. I know I could do the same thing with Lean Cuisines and other frozen meals, but theres something about JC that makes me stick to it and get serious! I need to get to 119 to be at my goal. But with my extra saggy baggy elephant skin, I think I will need to be at about 112-115 to look like I looked before I got pregnant. But don't get me wrong, I would accept 119 and tuck the extra skin down into my pants and hide 115 would be so much better!! Hmmmm, well now I am extending my goal to losing 6 more pounds so I don't have to tuck! OH, and did I mention that I'm not nursing anymore? I stopped the week between Christmas and New Years. It feels wonderful not to be Elsie the cow anymore--and I'm back to my original small cup size too which I like much better!!

Ok, here are the pics of the girls from tonight...

Ashlyn, working hard to stay up!
Wobbling, wobbling....
"I will just stay here on my tummy, Mommy"!!

Addison, the best sitter in the world!!
Shes still holding it....
Still going strong....
AND CRASH!! Look at that lip! This was right before she started crying...this was the "OMG, what just happend look" that she always gets before the screaming begins!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

And the award for the worst blogger of the year goes to....

ME! I admit, I have really fallen off the wagon when it comes to keeping up with my blogging. The girls have become quite the handful over the last month. At the same time, it is becoming so much more fun! Today is their 7 month birthday! We are still a little behind on some developmental things, but for the most part we are on the right track! They are both VERY close to sitting up by themselves. Right now they just need a little hip stabilization, but otherwise they are doing it themselves. Addison has learned how to clap her hands, when I say "clap clap clap"! Its really cute! She also knows her name now and looks at me whenever I call her. Ashlyn....well, she's learning, but she is just always so busy that she doesn't pay attention long enough to learn things! So when I say THEY have become quite a handful, I really mean ASHLYN has become quite the handful!!! They also are both rolling from back/tummy and tummy/back now on a regular basis!

I never wrote in and updated for our 6 month checkup. Honestly, I don't remember their exact weight. I think Addison was 14.4 and Ashlyn was 12.7. Addison was in the 13-15% and Ashlyn is still in the 5%. I think she is just going to be a tiny little thing!!! We eat mostly stage 2 and some stage 3 foods. They love their fruit in the mornings and their meat and veggies at night. And they LOVE LOVE LOVE eating grown up people chocolate, philly cheesesteak, ice cream, chips, bread, cheese, diet coke and beef stew!!

Ryan's company put on a contest that the winner would get a trip to Las Vegas, and we qualified for the trip. So we leave Feb 15th-18th. I don't know what I am going to do when I leave the girls for 4 days. I know they will be in good hands with my parents though. Its just that I am going to miss them so much! At the same time, I'm looking very forward to the trip and shopping and gambling!! It will be nice to get away and spend time with Ryan without having to worry about what time we get home for bedtime! I guess my next post will be about our trip!

Here are some pictures that I've taken over the last month...Hey sister, I've got your ear!

Watching our favorite TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba

Can you tell which one is the little angel and which one is the little monster?!?

Ashlyn driving her little pink car! Their new favorite activity is jumping in their car and in their jumper!

Ashlyn fell asleep in her play tray..........and then she woke up with a red forehead!! She was pretty angry about it!

This is how Ashlyn likes to shop.....with her bow over her eyes! People always stop us and tell me that her bow is over her eyes and they want me to fix it, but thats really how she likes it! She pulls it down and goes to sleep! Addison is always Miss Pleasant, she is just along for the ride no matter where we go!!

Claire has learned to love the babies! She enjoys trying to get them to play with her. She will go up to them and drop a toy on their face! They enjoy her too....they laugh at her when she walks through the room or barks! I think they will be best friends! In this picture, Addison was making her high pitched bird calls on the floor and Claire got worked up about it and started to try to get them to play!