Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trail Dust

Tonight, Ryan decided that he wanted to take the girls to Trail Dust for the first time. Right now, its rare that we go out because the girls are at that stage where they scream and try to crawl out of their highchair. They don't understand discipline yet, so it just easier to stay home. We weren't brave enough to try it alone, so we took my parents for an extra set of hands. The reason we chose Trail Dust is because of the slide and the live music. We thought there would be enough distractions to keep the girls occupied long enough to let us eat. Well, THEY LOVED IT! We were basically the only people in there. The girls had the slide all to themselves. I'm not going to lie...going down that 2 story slide made my stomach turn a little bit!! Addison was a little scared. She would get stiff and have a scared look on her face when she was going down. Ashlyn, loved it. She couldn't get enough. I bet I went on that thing 25 times! After dinner, the dance floor was empty, so we let them run around a little bit. Ashlyn climbed up on stage and danced. Addison was spinning and twirling when I sang the "hot dog" song, from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! Here are a couple of pictures.
Going down with both girls. Addi, all tensed up and Ashlyn smiling from ear to ear!


Addison, scared for her life!

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