Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our first visit to a park

Since the girls have been able to walk, its been too hot to go outside. I never realized they have never been to a public park! We went to our friend Brennon's 4th birthday party(which was at Kimmel Park in Midlothian) and had the best time EVER!! I brought along our wagon and a ball to keep the girls entertained because I didn't figure they would have a "baby" play area. But when we got there I saw an entire jungle gym designated for toddlers...and it was completely on the other side of the park from the big kid jungle gym!! Ashlyn especially had a good time. Addison, ms. careful, was very hesitant to do the stuff her sister was doing but she had a good time in her own way! We ate pizza, had cake and played until we were sweaty and dirty! The best thing about it was that they took a 3 hour nap afterwards!!
Looking through the glass window(which had gang writing on it)with Ashlyn.
Erin and Ashlyn went swinging.
Helping her climb the block steps
Daddy with his 2 girls, a wagon, a pink ball strolling through the park!!!
Ashlyn was on a mission to get to that playground and she wouldn't have it any other way!
About to have a slide race
Addi getting the guts up to go down the tunnel slide
she loved it and tried to climb back up!!
Ashlyn probably ate some dirt. I'm not sure WHAT she is doing!
Addison's turn to look through the glass window!
Asher going down the twirly slide by herself
Brennon and his new T-Rex
Ashlyn crawling through the tunnel
Getting a sip of apple juice through the tunnel!!
Ashlyn getting some help from her mommy while climbing UP the slide!
My dad supervising Ashlyn climbing up the curved ladder.

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