Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UH OH...could this be the start of something?

Almost every time I run into an old friend or someone that I talk about the twins to, the first question out of their mouths are "do you plan on having more kids"? I usually respond as nice as I possibly can by saying (politely)NO....when in my mind I'm thinking, "are you insane?!? Do you have any idea what it was like carrying two babies? Staying up all night? Dealing with them while my husband works 24/7?"

For selfish reasons, I don't want anymore kids. I am finally getting my body back. I have been busting my butt to get to my goal weight(115) and I am finally there after 3 months of working out 2 to 3 times a day and dieting like crazy. My body fat is less than 9% and I've worked SO hard for that! What if I had another baby and my boobs got even saggier or my belly got even more extra skin?!? Its just a risk I'm not sure I am willing to take. On the other hand, IF....IF we did have another baby, I almost wish it could be another multiple pregnancy. I figure, its so rare that twins happen, so why not have 2 sets...or triplets? Yes, it would be very hard but to me its the rarity of it. BUT AGAIN, I DON'T WANT TO BE THE MOM THAT HAS TO CARRY THOSE TWINS OR TRIPLETS!!!!

Ok, the point to my story long as I've been saying there is no chance that I will ever have another baby, something happened today. I found out a friend of mine is pregnant with her second baby(Hayley, I'm talking about you) and I suddenly got that kind of jealous, sad feeling that I used to get BEFORE I got pregnant and I found out other friends were pregnant. I have not felt that feeling ever since I've had the girls. Even when I held a sweet little newborn, I can remember thinking I am so glad we were past that point and NEVER AGAIN will I be there! SO, could this be the start of baby fever? Oh, geez I hope not....I'm going to fight this with everything in my power. I'm hoping by writing about this, some of my mom friends will persuade me to NOT get the dreaded fever and cheer me on in my fight against it!!! Until we know whether or not the battle has been won, I will continue taking my birth control pills as if my life depended on it(it kind of does!!). If I lose this battle, I will still wait at least another year before I get pregnant again nobody get your hopes up!


  1. Well you still gotta find the dude to help you get prego!!! I hope he's out there if you decide too!!!! LOL LOL!!!

  2. Don't worry, Paige. We all get those little waves of baby fever. Then we go back to our senses. As soon as I had Charlie, people were starting to ask me if Charles and I were going to have anymore. 5 years later, they're still asking the same question, and I am still answering "Hell NO! Do I look like I have time to have another baby?" Occasionally, I see my friends with their baby bumps and think it would be nice, but then reality slaps me in the face and I realize how much I enjoy my 5 year-old. :-) Michelle

  3. I say do it!!! But I would wait till your girls are at least 3. Preslie has done AWESOME with baby Gavin at 2 1/2 BUT there is only one of her :-) Odds are you will only have 1 baby, and just imagine how easy it will be after having twins the first time around?? The pregnancy will be a piece of cake compared to carrying 2 (both of mine were awesome and enjoyable!) And the being up at night isn't bad at all with just one! You'll be able to do a lot more one on one snuggling with a single baby (but also chasing around 2 little girls!) It wont be super easy, because no baby is super easy, but it would be tons of fun and so worth it I think!! hahaha Okay Ryan might want to kill me now after writing this :-D

  4. Well I see both sides. At least you plan on waiting another year. You can reevaluate things then. You may feel totally ready at that point when the girls are more independent.